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200% Guaranteed profit using our Trilogy Stock EA
This is strictly for Funds Managers trading Stocks, Features and Commodities .


Managers Fx Grid
This is strictly for fund managers on our platform.  As a result of high inflow of traders,  we have decided to give franchise to fund managers on our platform 
(1) Manager must be an active client
(2) Franchise fee of $15,000
(3) Manager(s) must always be available for team view meetings.
(4) Full time traders only
(5) Manager(s) must possess good customer service  relation skill.
(6) Manager(s) must submit means of identification
(7) Manager(s) must not share  pictures of our Trading Grid with anyone .
We will assign a minimum of 10 clients to each manager . Clients with a minimum of $20,000 each 
(1)The manager will be paid 10% of each clients profit every two weeks 
(2)Seven days intensive training on how to use the Grid to make an average of 120% profit every two weeks.
$15,000 franchise payment will be used to fund managers personal trading account with our partner brokers( BD Swiss, Fxchoice, Petofx, Exness, Pepperstone, ATFX)  and can be withdrawn as soon as clients are assigned to them and have withdrawn their first profit .
Managers must meet conditions before 18th of June 2022
100% Financial trading  Grid 
It works on both mt4/ mt5
NFT trading software
Trilogy Fundamental and technical trade system
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The Top Benefits of Commodity Market Trading

Online commodity trading lets you diversify your investments well and reduce the risks of capital loss. Generally, commodities and stocks or bonds move in opposite directions. For example, if two countries suddenly get into a war, investors may feel apprehensive and withdraw their money from stocks or bonds and put them in safe commodities like gold silver etc.
1.Commodities make great diversifying options for a portfolio. 
2. Investors get exposure to global markets.
3. Commodities have longer market hours which allow for more trading time.
4. Most commodities have seasonal patterns that can be tracked.
5. Commodities can be traded with somewhat higher leverage than some securities.
6. Commodities have a lower transaction cost than other securities.
7. Commodities can make for effective carry trade
The Trilogy  System guarantees profit on the above  pair

Trilogy system
Fundamental approach
Technical entry
Filter 3Confirmation

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The trilogy system, is a unique system that tigers trade after three confirmations


-It Choses the crypto pair Filter signal and Chose lot size based on your trading equity and margin. Sets, TP and SL. It also trails profit Price; $5000


Very easy to use Automatic solid risk management Hidden trade exit rules The list of symbols will be automatically added to the market watch window PRICE; $5000


Very easy to use Automatic solid risk management Hidden trade exit rules The list of symbols will be automatically added to the market watch window Price;$5000